Our express service stands for itself and can be booked as stand alone service. However, most of our customers and clients make use of our express service in line with our sea freight and air freight services.
Mailing samples, additional items or simply urgent documents - our express mailing service is a crucial supporting feature for most freight forwarding solutions.

Working with Global Express Companies

Especially for customs clearance when handling document traffic difficulties are no rarity. Therefore we work closely together with major express mailing companies such as DHL for international express mailings and EMS mainly for local express mailings.

Express Cartons

DHL Agent in China

We are an official Agent for DHL in China. As such we can offer you the whole range of highly reliable express delivery services that brought DHL to the top of its industry at low costs. You can take advantage of all DHL added services like the express mailing tracking and tracing system. 

Anyway, since the only express company in China allowed to deliver special goods such as liquids is EMS, we are not relying solely on DHL. With these strong partners in the express business, we ensure high flexibility and swift delivery.