Shanghai SAGA launches website

Shanghai SAGA is now reachable anytime and anywhere in the world.

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Shanghai SAGA

With the start of the new year of 2011 Shanghai SAGA launches it´s new website. It is specially design for international users and thus is not only provided in Chinese, but also in English and other languages to come.
With comprehensive information about the company and about China related freight forwarding and logistics issues, the site targets customers, partners, agents and interested users. The website offers a broad list of features, services and information.

However, the most important purpose is the enhancement of transparent communication and flow of information between Shanghai SAGA and it´s stakeholders.
Potential clients and partners can browse through the "About SAGA" section to retain more information on the company´s profile, it´s values and the staff. The "Services" area provides general information on our services and the request quote form provided on the website makes it easy to request a free quote on a particular forwarding solution.
Current clients can make use of the e-mail contact form or the live chat feature in the "Contact" area to have instant communication on urgent questions. Also our freight tracking application found in the "Customer Service" area can be of great use in order to get latest information on current shipments.
In our "Info Center" we regularly publish articles regarding Shanghai SAGA, logistics regarding import and export to China and other information such ass cases and testimonials on shipments we did in the past.

The Shanghai SAGA website is designed to be as informative and user friendly as possible. Nevertheless, if any questions regarding it´s use come up, our FAQ contains helpful information on the site´s use. For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to give us feedback at any time through our e-mail form.
We hope this site enhances our service for you, best regards,

the Shanghai SAGA team.

By: Reginaldo Arredondo