Our Values

Being a service company our values are based on our purpose of being the best freight forwarder for you. Since we are dependent on your satisfaction, we will do everything possible and impossible to transport your freight safely, timely and cost efficient.

We believe that the value of our company can only be measured by the quality of services we provide and thus your utter satisfaction and contentment.

These are our Values:

Service at all means 

As your freight forwarder we take charge of your logistics. We support you in every aspect related to the transportation of your goods and see us not only as your contracted forwarder, but as the forwarding department of your company.



Our employees are fully commited to your individual needs. We treat your logistics related gain or loss as our own. Therefore we are constantly monitoring your freight and screening for improvements to efficiency and effectiveness.



We set clear priorities when dealing with your freight. We keep focussed on forwarding your freight safely, in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible. As the overall goal, this principle is held over all other issues.


Your Satisfaction 

Our most valuable asset is our clients´ utter satisfaction. Therefore we will do everything to saticfy you in every aspect. None of your requests will be ignored or put aside and thus we kindly ask you to communicate all of your wishes and needs to us.


If you feel mistreaded or are not happy with our service, please inform us directly via e-mail or contact us via telephone or livechat. We will take every measurement needed to adapt to your expectations and wishes.

We would be thankful for your feedback to further enhance our service and forward your freight even more efficiently in the future.